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Instrument Loan Scheme (ILS)

An Instrument Loan from SWSW is FREE

The SWSW Instrument Loan Scheme (ILS) provides free loan of orchestral instruments to aspiring young players living in our area. When the loan scheme started it was mainly based in Bude and the surrounding area but children now benefitting from a free instrument loan attend schools all over North and East Cornwall and West Devon.

Who can loan an instrument?

Our Instrument Loan Scheme is aimed primarily at children, but we do loan to adults too.
We normally expect our instrument loaners to be receiving regular professional tuition on the instrument requested.

Instruments available

We currently have around 140 instruments of which most are out on loan. The instruments include:

  • Violins (from 1/8th size up to full)
  • Violas (2 full size)
  • Cellos (from 1/8 size up to full)
  • Flutes (straight and twin/curved head)
  • Clarinets
  • An Oboe
  • Saxophones
  • A Trumpet, Trombone and Euphonium
  • Classical Guitars

SWSW will listen sympathetically to requests for instruments not currently available and attempt to source them subject to funds being available at the time.

In cases where a student shows the desire and commitment to continue learning an instrument, the Charity will endeavour to replace a student-grade instrument with a better quality one.

For further details, please contact the ILS Co-ordinators:

David and Ruth Puddick. Tel: 01566 781845 or contact us by email at:

There is more information about the loan scheme and how it works on our ILS leaflet



We would like to thank our Instrument Loaners for their many kind donationsĀ on starting or renewing their loans. All the monies are put to good use within the ILS to pay for essential maintenance or to purchase new instruments.