Graffiti Classics Workshop 2021

The wonderful Graffiti Classics were back in October 2021 to inspire over 1000 children with Workshops in 10 local schools.

In October 2021 Graffiti Classics, an inspirational string quartet, returned to enthrall and entertain over 1000 children with popular classical pieces. They managed to tell some wonderful stories within the 10 local schools they visited. With their instruments, they were able to create the sounds of creaking stays of a pirate ship, and gulls screaming overhead set the scene for “The Drunken Sailor”, and a “Ho Down” for tales of the Wild West. The music was interspersed with useful information on the names and parts of the instruments which ranged from 2 to 226 years in age. The children were asked to join in clapping rhythms, tapping times and conducting, and finally some joined in the Can Can! Some of the children were inspired to start to learn an instrument following the Workshops. Grateful thanks to D’Oyly Carte and to the OneFamily Foundation for funding these Workshops.